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Building Sex Appeal thru Physical Fitness
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Building Sex Appeal thru Physical Fitness

Building Sex Appeal thru Physical Fitness

There’s one aspect of our sex appeal that we like to pretend doesn’t exist: our physical fitness. We can try to develop ourselves as true ladies, but if we slack on our physical health, we will never reach full potential and unleash our sex appeal. By ignoring physical fitness, we become our stumbling block. It can be difficult to recognize.

It is easy to put a front in public, but behind closed doors, reality will only be held at bay for so long. When someone hides how they feel inside, it reflects on the outside. Our happiness can only come from within. At some point, our problems will surface, and running will only ruin your life.

Many women, are themselves apart bit by bit. The self-inflicted brokenness will devour your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.

If you have come to the precipice of disaster, it is time to make a change. Instead, use the power to drive your sex appeal. Sure, there will be bad days ahead but stick to your goals. Know you are sexy, a goddess, the most perfectly beautiful woman on the planet.

It’s important to understand why self-image plays such an important role. Think about it. What is sex appeal?

          The dictionary defines sex appeal, “The quality of being attractive in a sexual way.”

However, there are a few problems with this definition. Our sex appeal is indirectly tied to our self-worth and defined by how others see us. You might not initially think that’s a problem, but consider for a moment.

How do you know what someone is thinking about you? You don’t know their personal preferences. Maybe a stranger that you wouldn’t give the time of day to think you would look better as a blonde, instead of a brunette. If we use the dictionary definition, we are forced to devalue ourselves just because one insignificant stranger prefers blondes. Let’s be real. If we judge our desirability on every passing stranger’s opinion, we would never feel worthy.

Sex Appeal 

Building Sex Appeal thru Physical Fitness

One minute we might feel as sexy, and the next we could feel unworthy of ever being happy. You can’t let other people determine your value. You are worthy of love. Not just a mediocre kind of love, but the love from someone who treats you like the beautiful person you are. It goes beyond saying that this is the goal for all women who want to find love. However, most people don’t realize that finding your perfect mate, you need to become someone who will attract the person of your dreams. However, do not think the only way to find love is by changing the person inside to fit a narrative; that would be superficial. Instead, this principal aims to shift perspective from the superficial aspect of a person to their good qualities.

Building Sex Appeal thru Physical Fitness

Consider this;

  • If you want a man who makes you laugh, then you need to have a pretty good sense of humor.
  • If you tend to be a woman who rarely finds anything funny, a man who is on the sillier side may find you too serious.

Nevertheless, if you are a woman who does not laugh and takes life very seriously, it is time to loosen up and enjoy life.

This same principle applies to any quality you might be looking for in a mate. In other words, we are products of our environment. The energy you put out into the world is what you get back.

It means if you want to be treated like a queen, you must carry the qualities to attract that type of mate. A man who treats a woman like a queen is looking for a queen. He’s looking for a woman who has confidence, is kind and compassionate, and ultimately knows that she is worthy of being treated like a queen. Some people may try to argue that you shouldn’t change yourself for a man. I agree…. don’t change yourself for a man…. change yourself for you.

By taking steps towards self-improvement, you’ll find out something awesome; your self-appeal has increased exponentially.

Bottom line; if you want to increase sex appeal, increase your self-appeal. Before someone can find love, they must love themselves.

One great step to improving self-love is exercise and learning to eat right. A great book to begin is called “The Pantry Principle,” by Mira Dessy NE. When we learn to eat healthily and exercise, something miraculous happens, we become happy. Sex appeal comes from investing in ourselves. 

Physical fitness is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just for girls in their twenties who like to post Instagram photos of themselves in the gym. We all need to exercise. One great tool to help with motivation and how-to’s is Beachbody. The workouts are endless, and you are assigned a coach to help keep you on track. Plus, one benefit, the workouts can be done anywhere.   

Building Sex Appeal thru Physical Fitness

Our bodies were not designed for a sedentary lifestyle. Being lazy only promotes disease. The proof of this fact is easy enough to find. Did you know that working out releases endorphins that boost our mood? It means that when we engage in physical activity, our brain releases a chemical that makes us happy. It can wipe out anxiety, help us stay happier, boost confidence, and strengthens our bodies. Maybe you don’t want to believe the change exercise can make in our lives, so do some research.  

Twenty to thirty minutes of hard aerobic exercise, result in a mood and energy boost for two to three hours, and a mild buzz for up to 24 hours. If you’ve ever worked out, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling of satisfaction you have after going further on the stair climber or running longer on the treadmill. You feel like you accomplished something and you can’t help but smile through your sweat. For the rest of the day, you feel as light as air. It’s an endorphin high, but what we think of as traditional exercise isn’t the only thing that releases these endorphins. Sex also promotes the production of these neurotransmitters because of the enjoyment of physical contact. Yes, that is right ladies, those same rush of endorphins you have after sex are the ones you get when you workout.

We can all agree more of those happy little endorphins in our lives make all the difference in the world. However, it is important to get on a schedule and stick to it regularly.

We can start with the best intentions, but it’s a habit we must create, not the occasional indulgence. University College London recently found that it takes a person an average of sixty-six days to create a new habit. The knowledge helps the ability to stay physically active.

By following these two tips, anyone can create the habit and increase sex appeal. However, these tips have nothing to do with working out. Instead, they focus on positively influencing the way you perceive exercise. When you do things for yourself instead of for others, you are more likely to enjoy the process. 

Next, find a new group of friends. Start by surrounding yourself with motivated success individuals. So, the real question isn’t who will help keep you accountable. The real question becomes: will you take steps towards increasing sex appeal by increasing your self-appeal? 







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  • Paula Lopez

    Really impressive article. Some real good tips are there to change yourself into a better person. The consistency will actually give you the results which motivation can’t. Stop what you are doing and get up step forward and become a better version of yourself.

  • Raven

    Great article!!! Working out and taking care of self is the best gift one can give to himself/herself. Its the best form of self-care everybody should try.

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